“The Edina Europa tour is a great way to explore the Canongate. If it’s your first time in Edinburgh you’ll enjoy being off the tourist route, and if you already know the city well you’ll enjoy rediscovering it through the words of poets across the centuries.”
Audience member, Edina Europa, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019

“I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the tour during the Fringe this year. Interesting poetry, full of contrasts and excellent presentation.”
Audience member, Reading the Streets, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018

“Highly informative and entertaining 90 mins. A nice stroll through the quieter parts of the city during the bustle of the Festival, spotting gravestones, plaques and statues to famous poets, and with Ken giving softly-spoken recitals (with English paraphrasing where necessary!) of poems and letters. Well worth a try!”
Audience member, Reading the Streets, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018

“A most enjoyable tour… well paced and absorbing and the content was nicely balanced between the poetry/prose and the historical context.”
Audience member, ‘Ye Jacobites By Name’, 2018

“A great hour-and-a-half walk through landmarks and buildings accompanied with historical stories from 17th century to today with well-chosen poems, beautifully narrated by our guide.”
Audience member on Facebook, Come Down the Mile, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017

“An excellent tour for both the historian and the poetry lover: Ken is a brilliant guide and his love for the poems shines out and illuminates them for us.” Mary Woodward, reviewing Come Down the Mile, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016, for Scotsgay – read the full review here.

“beautifully recited… a compelling narrative… a beautiful story of the city.”
Audience members, Come Down the Mile, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 2016

“My husband and I enjoyed an entrancing two hours today with Ken as we walked around the Royal Mile and High Street. Ken read excerpts from poems and prose and effortlessly linked them to the buildings and streets around us. The next time you are in Edinburgh, book yourself a tour – you won’t regret it!” Christine, Edinburgh, May 2016

“Really enjoyed the whole tour, mixing the history of the places with the poems inspired by them.” Student, Edinburgh College of Art, February 2016

“Lots of interesting places I wouldn’t have found on my own.”
Student, Edinburgh College of Art, February 2016

“Ken leads a very captivating tour, one that evokes the city from long ago and welcomes us to be a part of it.” Jess, Canada, October 2015

“Through Ken’s readings I glimpsed and tasted Edinburgh’s life both past and present.” Elaine, Canada, October 2015

“Brilliant choice of poems… perfect pace – both walking and reading. Many thanks for a lovely afternoon.” Alison, Edinburgh, October 2015

“I enjoyed seeing new places in the city, and connecting known places with stories; also the possibility to ask questions, and a little introduction into Scots language.” Kathleen, Germany, October 2015


4 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Louise Crofts

    Excellent Tour – especially if you love poetry! The poetry brings the places to life in a way no mere description could – many thanks!


  2. Angus Morrison

    My wife and I expected to hear some poetry that was new to us and we certainly did and it was really well related to the locations we visited. We were pleasantly surprised to get a history lesson as well! Ken was very informative and the hour and a half walk was at an easy walking pace and we were shown places we would never had found ourselves. I would recommend the walk to anyone with the slightest interest I poetry.


  3. sylvia robinson

    One of the highlights for me of this year’s Festival. So interesting, so well presented, so enjoyable. Thank you


  4. Chester Kruk

    Superb tour of my Edinburgh and lovely selection of poetry with good reading and history attached that was well spend 2 hours in company of Oxford graduates. highly recommend to learn about Edinburgh and Scottish history with poetic touch and European background . I bring my foreign visitor next time.
    Congratulation to Mr.Ken



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