Edinburgh Poetry Tours: walks with poems in the Old Town

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018
Reading the Streets: An Old Town Poetry Tour 
August 4-8, 11-15, 18-22, 25-27 (11.00–12.30)
Scottish Poetry Library (Venue 203)

“An excellent tour for both the historian and the poetry lover: Ken is a brilliant guide and his love for the poems shines out and illuminates them for us.”
Mary Woodward, Scotsgay, on Come Down the Mile, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 2016

Weaving in and out of the Old Town’s closes, gardens and graveyards, each tour lasts from one to two hours, depending your interests and the time you have available. It includes a range of poems and prose by authors including Robert Burns, Victor Hugo, Dorothy Wordsworth, Robert Louis Stevenson and the great Anon, as well as background about the places we stop.

Tours include:

  • ‘Ye Jacobites by Name’
  • Edinburgh: the last 500 years
  • Palace, Park and Parliament
  • Kirks and Kirkyards

For details, click here; for enquiries, and to book a private tour, click here.

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